Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tonight we took Josh to Red Lobster for his birthday, thats where he chose to go..It was me, Eric, Savannah my mom and her husband Ray, my nephew Daniel and his girlfriend Kaela, we had a good time, I got him a ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery, he loves ice cream cake, and on mu one day to cheat I ate my whole meal almost and wasnt hungry for cake....hello !! lol
Here a re some pics. I got Josh Madden 2007 for playstation, and the cell phone he had been wanting not to mention 160.00 for dinner..oops thats ok.
Heres a few pics...
Well its almost Friday

Ya know I really like Daniels girlfriend but she is a blonde from hell. The other day she locked her keys in the car, with it still running, she says I forgot to shut it off like youve never done sweetie I haven't, then she clled my mom my mom said you just made a spare the other day cause she locked them in the car last week, i know she says but i havent taken it out of the car yet.....OK then
Then tonight she says ive never had crab (cause thats what my mom was getting) she says actually ive never had anykind of seafood really just fish sticks.... She was the entertainemtn tonight let me tell you. Then my mom gets her crab legs, she says they are not like chickens are they that cant still snap you after they kill them..So my mom acted like they were coming after her (in the pic) I wanted to ask her how she finished high school so bad , but i was good..

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My son hates me once again....
This coming weekend is a card tournament for the game Josh plays down at that card store. I was trying to keep his mind off of it by planning a party and when I got home tonight he asked if he could go with my all time favorite person. No , I said I dont know him , hell I dont trust my son for the weekend with half my family more less a man that I question. This is the same man I posted about, yeah I have done all the research, it doesnt settle my feelings. I asked Eric if he would be willing to go to Phoenix for the weekend, after a little persuading he said yes, I thought Josh would be happy, he says thats bull, why dont you trust me, well we have had this conversation it has nothing to do with the trust I have for my son, its the fact I know nothing about these people. We have a frien that lives there , they can stay with them, hes not happy with that...So he is still mad and says if I dont let him go hes not going to school and I cant make him. I hate when my son acts like this, I am not backing down, I think I am being more then fair.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eric and Josh are in San Diego camping, and me and Savannah are enjoying our time together.Its peaceful and for some strange reason I miss the Josh get's time for school. and I should just tape that saying and play 50 times every morning instead of saying it over and over again. Eris take out the trash...oh another thing I should just tape. it is too quiet in my house. The only other thing not good about them being gone....I am the biggest chinken when it comes to being alone...Freak like chicken. I Put the couch in front of the door, with a bat leaning on the, a bat by my bed, a knife in between the mattresses and the phone dialed to 911 already, just have to hit redial...And I slept with the air conditioner off so I could hear if someone is breaking into my house.... I slept last night with the bathroom light on, the pantry light and the light over the sink in the kitchen. This is the last night I am staying here I am going to stay at my moms fri, sat, and Would have stayed tonight but U had a few things to do around the house.
Miss ya guys and love ya so much, can't wait to you get home.

Here in New Mexico (well I am sure they have it everywhere) they have TeacherEase. It lets me know how Josh is doing in school, the assignments that he misses, and what his grades are for the things he turns it...Why didnt they have this when I was in school, I wouldnt of had to work so hard my senior year to graduate..Of course my mom can't work a computer to save her life....But ya know shes getting alot better she was just never around them before. Anyhow I love TeachersEase...thanks to who ever thought of it.

Today I finished my 4th day of dieting...Truthfuly, that's record. I am doing the low carb thing, I started on Monday cause I thought the boys are leaving Wedensday so then I could make what I want for dinners,and by the time they get back I would be in my new routine better. I have cheated, I love Milk... I just get enough for a little gulp. I have lost 5 pounds, I weighed myself last Friday.
So me and Savannah go to walmart to pick up a few things, I got these low carb vanilla ice creams dipped in choclate with almonds.....ooohhhh their pretty I tried the chocolate shake though...blaa blaa I am a huge chocolate eater...then my daughter wants chocolate mini donuts...Great, So I got them, they are sitting in the bag packed for grandmas house tomorrow...Tempting.
I am rambling on but its helping me not to think of the boogie
Have a Great friday...TGIF

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well I got some diappointing news last night....My friend that is the same age as me is going to be a grandma..Even though the timing is way off, she is an adult and I have to admit even though she is so young and not all that mature I am kinda excited....sshhh dont tell her that, she is not happy and understandably, if the rolls were reversed I would not be either, but we talked for along time last night and there is nothing that can be done. Ya know if she was a drug addict she could get help, an alcoholic, get sober, someone in trouble with the law, you can change their life around, and although pregnancy can be changed, ya know not everyone agrees with those things, and that is a whole other topic... Some people a baby changes their lives for the best, I was 22 when I got pregnant, i drank not alot but a good 3 times a week, and did other things, who knows where my life would have gone if that didnt happen, the day i found out, that was it my partying days were over. Some people it doesnt affect them at all they still party and go on with their lives like nothing... She is very immature is all I can say and I hope this will make her act like an adult...She is an awesome person and I love her with all my heart, and I wish the best for them. They both know I am always here for them, and you wait til that little one is in this world, they wont be able to help themselves babies bring so much joy and love to the world, I dont know anyone who can hold a baby and not have the biggest smile on their face....Can't wait to meet HER....(hint) I just keep saying her for some reason.....We will see.
Enjoy your week....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My day with Savannah was great...We went to the park and watch the music in the park. It was a Beatles tribute band. She was dancing and having a blast. Then we went to Walmart and did some grocery shopping. Here are some pics from our day.

Josh, Eric and Erics friend Gino played at the Gamestop Madden 2007 tournament today. There were 32 people and Josh made it down to the 3rd person and then lost...I think thats awesome... Eric and his friend were out early. So we didnt win the game but I am proud of my son anyway, way to go for sitting your tush in the living room for hours on end playing video

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tomorrow I get a day off.....Whoooa
Josh and Eric are in a football tournament tomorrow (winner gets the new Madden 2007) (oh boy can I be in just a little sarcasmmmmm) So Savannah and I will be spending the day together, got some cleaning to do but then the day is ours to shop and have lunch and go to the park....Try to take that girls pic again for the 3rd weekend in a row, she freaks everytime..She loves the camera at home but at the studio is a different thing. I dont need a pic with red swollen eyes.
Maybe I will finish those last few boxes I still havent unpacked, yeah that was embarrissing....yeah I can be a tad bit lazy at times, I moved almost 3 weeks ago..
And does anyone know when dancing with the stars starts...I am looking forward to this, there has not been anything good on tv for awhile now..I liked that show last year and this year I'll be rooting for Shanna Moakler, I love that girl...and I read that her and honey Travis Barker are getting a divorce, loved the show Meet the Basrkers too, of course I read it in The Star so who knows how much truth there is to that.

Well ya'll have a great weekend (Rest of the weeekend)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well one week down, 4 months to
I got through my first week of having 2 jobs. My feet hurt....I am exhausted, but when I get paid I will be happy... This time of the year is hard for us to get through and instead of struggling and getting into lots of fights with Eric about watching every penny I choose to get a 2nd job, in 4 months we have 3 bithdays, Josh starting school and Christmas, and I love to shop and I work my toosh off and I dont like not being able to go to the store and buy something that I see if I want it. It brings the kids a little closer to Eric too.
My daughter is getting to big.... Last night I got home and I was sitting on the couch and she says...knock knock.. I said whos there...and usually she says It's me Nannas...well now she says it's me princess Nannas... I love it....Shes such a doll.
Hope your weekend is going good. Tomorrow I am doing NOTHING.... I will get all my stuff done tonight so I can sit around tomorrow and do NOTHING...Yeah.... I am going to take Savannah to the mall cause its "Fun day with Pooh".... that should be a crowded mess, but she'll love it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thanks Ben and Jerry for getting be through another night of
ok, heres the thing....
Josh hangs out at this place called hidden treasures, it is a comic book, trading card place, he works for the guy sometimes organizing cards, cleaning up...etc...
He is there from 10:00 in the morning til 6:00 at night when they close. There is always a ton of people there playing some card game called Magic or duel masters, (pokemon crap) On the weekend sometimes hell ask to stay to play in a tournament, it lasts til 10:00 or 11:00 sometimes. The other day Josh called and said Jim the owner was going to give him a ride, an hour later I went to the card store cause he wasnt there yet. Noone was there so I came back and Josh was here, he said Jim took him and another kid to eat. Then last night he calls and asks if he can go to the driving range with Jim and 3 other kids, so I said Yes be home by 8:00, no later, not 5 after dont call after 8:00 saying you are on your way. He says I prmoise mom, if Im not you can do whatever to me. He calls at 10 after saying he is on his way, I just laughed and Josh says whatever and hangs up.
Now my problem is why is a grown man hanging out with kids, why does he have a business where kids hang out all day? And why cant he as an adult seem to get my kid home on time. Eric says I am stupid cause this man has never done anything, he just gives me the creeps. Eric says cut the cord already, Josh gets mad if I say anything about this guy. (and to top it off we moved 3 houses away from him)... So now Josh is not talking to me cause he had to go to his grandmas today and couldnt go over there. My question is, would you have a problem with this, or am I blowing it way out of porportion? I hadnt even told him I wasnt gonna let him go back for the rest of the week, he just thinks its today and hes pissed and is not talking to me.

Monday, August 07, 2006

9 years ago today was the day, I was at my best friend Donna's and I got a phone call saying Jason was in a head on accident, he was in a coma and Jimmy his best friend had passed away. My friend Matt drove me to Taft where he was, and where I sat for the next day, sleepless and devastated that the love of my life was laying there not waking up and with very little hope of ever doing so. I kept calling his name, cause I felt he could hear me, only when I called his name his eyes would attempt to open. Josh was 3 weeks away from being 6 and had very little idea of what was happening. Jason was so swolen they took him in for his 3rd surgery, they were going to cut open his stomach and place a plastic bag so there was more room. At 11:11 Am on the 8th of August they pronounced him dead, and my whole world shattered, I lost it, they asked if I wanted to say goodbye, I remember walking in the room, and the next thing I knew I was laying on the floor, I just stayed there and cried, Jasons Aunt and Uncle came in and got me.My friend Donna Ogawa was flying in from Oregon, I had to go to the airport to get her, it was 2:30, she got off the plane and I ran to her and hugged her for what seemed like an eternity and told her he was gone. Me and Missy (Jimmys wife) now had a double funeral to prepare for. That week was the hardest week of my life and with family and friends I got through and continue to get through it. I still have my momemts where I just break down, but I have awesome friends and family that are always there to catch me when I fall. I still don't understand....I know it is inevitable but WHY??????????
The hardest thing about moving from California was not being able to go to the cemetary anymore. I miss going and sitting and talking, putting flowers, and other little things I know he would like. I miss him so much...
I love you Jay and I miss you, watch over your son and don't let anything happen to him, I know you are hear with us, I can fell your presence at times, and there are times that I can smell you, god I love that smell. Your son has grown into such an awesome young man and has a heart of gold just like his daddy. Til we are together again Jay you are forever in our hearts........

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Is anyone else having trouble with pics...I down loaded 3 pics and only 1 came out....The other day it wouldnt let me download any at all.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Me, my mom and Savannah fought the crowd at the mall today... It is tax free weekend here in New Mexico, and youd think they were giving a car away with every purchase, you save what $8.00 for every $100.00 purchase, OH MY GOODNESS... The malls and stores were packed, I mean I stood in line longer then I shopped. Last year Josh started high school, and he tells me when I told him lets go shopping, do you mind if we dont go to Walmart....( I am the Walmart So since the closest Mervyns is 45 minutes away (I love mervyns too) we usually go to JC Pennys, and they were having a great buy one get one free sale, T-shirts $18.00, and jeans $30.00, and thank goodness he went back to liking Vans, $39.99 cant beat that, the ones he wanted earlier were $160.00, how ridiculous !! So I really made out 4 pairs of jeans 2 pairs of shoes, 8 t shirts for $ 200.00. WWHHHOOOAAA

Last night was a night to remember... Eric had some friends over, and they were going to a party, I am not one to hang out with Eric and his friends, I don't drink but once in a blue moon, and I am always designated driver and its not my idea of a good time to sit sround watching people get smashed. But you know the saying instant a** hole just add alcohol.... That unfortunatly is my nephew and our friend Mark, Eric calls me at 3:00 in the morning, can you come get us we arewalking down the street, I was so happy....NOT. I said who is , me, Robert, and Joel, I said where is my nephew, hes in jail, wheres Mark, in jail.. So I go get them, Mark has a temper anyway some guy stepped on his shoe and spilt some beer on him, he tripped on acciedent, and Mark punches him in the face, NICE !! Then my drunk nephew who has the smartest mouth ever goes outside after they call the cops and goes off om them, BYE_BYE, dumb ass....So I spend 3 1/2 hours calling trying to see what it will take to get my nephew out, cause I dont want my mom to find out, but his girl friend called her anyway as they were taking him away and they got him out, Mark is still there though. Can you say LOSERS !!! LOL

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well the move went great, it rained in the morning but just for a bit...
Saturday we went to Wet and Wild for Erics company picnic....I'll post a few pics...
Now the fun part is unpacking.....I love decorating. went to Bed, Bath and Beyond today and bought some towels and a shower curtain, all white, my idea was paint the walls red and have all white accesories, my friend Amanda went with me and thought it was a good idea, Eric bursted my bubble though...EEEEWWWWWWWWW bathrooms are supposed to be blue or green not red... Well guess what, the garage is his, the rest of the house is mine......LOL I have to take pics of the bathroom the way it is now, this god awful pink with border on the top and the middle of the walls with huge roses....YUCK! My bedroom is the same, someone got happy with that idea. That will soon change. Ill take pics of the befores and afters as I go along...
Well my new dilema is tomorrow I am going to buy Carlos Mencia tickets...Should I take Josh who is 15. Is that appropriate??? Would you let your 15 year old... I know I am going....I love Him he is hilarious....
Well must go for now... Gots lots to do...
Have a great rest of the week.

Ok for some reason my pics aren't loading so I will post them soon!!!