Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tomorrow I get a day off.....Whoooa
Josh and Eric are in a football tournament tomorrow (winner gets the new Madden 2007) (oh boy can I be in just a little sarcasmmmmm) So Savannah and I will be spending the day together, got some cleaning to do but then the day is ours to shop and have lunch and go to the park....Try to take that girls pic again for the 3rd weekend in a row, she freaks everytime..She loves the camera at home but at the studio is a different thing. I dont need a pic with red swollen eyes.
Maybe I will finish those last few boxes I still havent unpacked, yeah that was embarrissing....yeah I can be a tad bit lazy at times, I moved almost 3 weeks ago..
And does anyone know when dancing with the stars starts...I am looking forward to this, there has not been anything good on tv for awhile now..I liked that show last year and this year I'll be rooting for Shanna Moakler, I love that girl...and I read that her and honey Travis Barker are getting a divorce, loved the show Meet the Basrkers too, of course I read it in The Star so who knows how much truth there is to that.

Well ya'll have a great weekend (Rest of the weeekend)


Blogger Michelle said...

I loved meet the Barkers too! I guess if you wanna stayed married, don't do a reality TV show on MTV!!!! LOL

6:47 PM  

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