Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eric and Josh are in San Diego camping, and me and Savannah are enjoying our time together.Its peaceful and for some strange reason I miss the Josh get's time for school. and I should just tape that saying and play 50 times every morning instead of saying it over and over again. Eris take out the trash...oh another thing I should just tape. it is too quiet in my house. The only other thing not good about them being gone....I am the biggest chinken when it comes to being alone...Freak like chicken. I Put the couch in front of the door, with a bat leaning on the, a bat by my bed, a knife in between the mattresses and the phone dialed to 911 already, just have to hit redial...And I slept with the air conditioner off so I could hear if someone is breaking into my house.... I slept last night with the bathroom light on, the pantry light and the light over the sink in the kitchen. This is the last night I am staying here I am going to stay at my moms fri, sat, and Would have stayed tonight but U had a few things to do around the house.
Miss ya guys and love ya so much, can't wait to you get home.

Here in New Mexico (well I am sure they have it everywhere) they have TeacherEase. It lets me know how Josh is doing in school, the assignments that he misses, and what his grades are for the things he turns it...Why didnt they have this when I was in school, I wouldnt of had to work so hard my senior year to graduate..Of course my mom can't work a computer to save her life....But ya know shes getting alot better she was just never around them before. Anyhow I love TeachersEase...thanks to who ever thought of it.

Today I finished my 4th day of dieting...Truthfuly, that's record. I am doing the low carb thing, I started on Monday cause I thought the boys are leaving Wedensday so then I could make what I want for dinners,and by the time they get back I would be in my new routine better. I have cheated, I love Milk... I just get enough for a little gulp. I have lost 5 pounds, I weighed myself last Friday.
So me and Savannah go to walmart to pick up a few things, I got these low carb vanilla ice creams dipped in choclate with almonds.....ooohhhh their pretty I tried the chocolate shake though...blaa blaa I am a huge chocolate eater...then my daughter wants chocolate mini donuts...Great, So I got them, they are sitting in the bag packed for grandmas house tomorrow...Tempting.
I am rambling on but its helping me not to think of the boogie
Have a Great friday...TGIF


Blogger vanessa said...

your so funny, but i felt that way to when hubby left i was scared but on base it is pretty safe.
good job on the deit. i have lost to and i get those temptations alot
these boys of mine love cany and always are asking for it. i get it as long as it is just on serving size that way we cant go back for more.
keep it up
have a good friday and dont let the boogie monster get ya!

12:09 AM  
Blogger tony said...

I am the same way Donna and the kids just got back and I spent every night sleeping on the couch with the dog next to me and a bat by my side. Good luck on the diet

2:15 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

isnt that the way it always go! you cant wait until you get a minute of peace - and when it comes your lost! I used to get freaked out alot with Joe traveling and having to be home alone at night! Eventually I got over it! But with him being home now, when he does have the occassional over night trip Im starting to get freaked again. I always know the first night Im not gonna get any sleep!

1:01 PM  

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