Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well I got some diappointing news last night....My friend that is the same age as me is going to be a grandma..Even though the timing is way off, she is an adult and I have to admit even though she is so young and not all that mature I am kinda excited....sshhh dont tell her that, she is not happy and understandably, if the rolls were reversed I would not be either, but we talked for along time last night and there is nothing that can be done. Ya know if she was a drug addict she could get help, an alcoholic, get sober, someone in trouble with the law, you can change their life around, and although pregnancy can be changed, ya know not everyone agrees with those things, and that is a whole other topic... Some people a baby changes their lives for the best, I was 22 when I got pregnant, i drank not alot but a good 3 times a week, and did other things, who knows where my life would have gone if that didnt happen, the day i found out, that was it my partying days were over. Some people it doesnt affect them at all they still party and go on with their lives like nothing... She is very immature is all I can say and I hope this will make her act like an adult...She is an awesome person and I love her with all my heart, and I wish the best for them. They both know I am always here for them, and you wait til that little one is in this world, they wont be able to help themselves babies bring so much joy and love to the world, I dont know anyone who can hold a baby and not have the biggest smile on their face....Can't wait to meet HER....(hint) I just keep saying her for some reason.....We will see.
Enjoy your week....


Blogger tony said...

thank you

12:23 PM  
Blogger Betsy said...

I had my first baby at age 21 and it was not planned and my parents were undertandably upset but all the tension and hurt feelings went away when the baby was here. Sometimes the Lord gives you gifts even though they dont feel like gifts at the time.

3:33 PM  
Blogger Shionge said...

Thanks for sharing this about your frenz to us. Hope that the family support is there for the young couple even though your frenz is not too happy about this.

1:23 AM  

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