Thursday, September 28, 2006

My son is going to be such a great father..........YEARS and YEARS from
Josh is in child development, which at 1st he was real upset about but then he relized there were only 3 guys in the class and he was like hey........
This week he has a baby to carry around with him. She cries (and cries and cries, might I add)...But hes doing a great job gets up with her at night and all that good stuff....
These dolls are 1,500.00 dollars, (and they are trusting my son with it)..jk
They are real sensitive and the sensors let the teacher know when they are thrown around.
What ever happened to carrying an egg around in a basket....(am i showing my age there...maybe some of you will remember that)
Well tomorrow is Friday.....
Have a good one

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Nanna's !!!

Today is Savannas third birthday....Geez how time flies..
Today we just had my mom and Ray over to help us celebrate. This weekend we are going to have a party at Chuck E Cheese. Ray made her a huge toy box and just painted it white. I am going to buy that spray that you spray on and it makes it a chalk board on the front and then
paint her name or designs on the rest I havent decided.
Hope everyones week is going good......

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blogger stopped posting my pics sp I have to do 2 I guess.....blogger is bugging me

Today I finished painting my bathroom...I forgot to take pics before I took the ugle border down, but you can kinda see it in a picture I took of Josh getting ready for school on Friday ( I bought an afro wig and he sprayed it red, painted his body blue, and his face white and wrote LC on his cheeks ( for spirit day) Anyway here are some before, during and after pics, the lady that ownded this house before us must have really liked pink and roses cause there are 3 rooms done the same way....Blah and how lazy they didnt even paint before they hung the mirror, maybe its just me but I paint the whole room then add the other stuff... I have a small bathroom so its kinda hard to get good pics of it.

Me and Eric went to go see Jackass, he has been waiting I think its funny but there is other things I wanted to see, when we got there it was sold out for the whole weekend.... (Josh was happy cause he wanted to go but he wanted to go to the Home coming game more. So we ended up seeing Invinceable with Mark Whalberg (might I say he is ripped in that movie) It was a good movie we both liked it, kinda short but good.

Me and Eric took Savannah to the Enchilada Festival parade, we just walked down there its like a block away...After about 4 or 5 pics my batteries died....Duh
The band is Las Cruces High (Joshs school) and the girls are from Gym Magic which is gymnastics and as of Tuesday Savannah will be 3 and old enough to start.....Yeah

Friday, September 22, 2006

This weekend is the biggest event in Las Cruces, THe Whole Enchilada Fiesta....
But we have a crazy person out there...a little over a week ago we were informed that an individual sent a letter to the City Managers office that they wanted money or people would start dying randomly....Today is the deadline that they gave. They tell us to go on with out lives as normal. Do these people have children??? Do I go and act like nothing and take the kids for a good time...Or does the saying better safe then sorry come in to affect here, and I stay home.
We don't have too many things here in Las Cruces so it's a big deal when things like this happen, they say they expect 50,000 people was that before or after this whole ordeal.....I don't know what to do.....
Hope you all have a wondferful weekend.....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My kids wrestle like they are the same age.....Josh is a little tuff with her but she holds her own, she will not be getting her tushie kicked in But those of you who know Josh knows there is always wrestling... Here's some pics

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Josh and I had a great night last night...we went to Applebees for dinner and then we went to the mall i got 5 shirts at Areopostale for 38.00 they had shirts regularly 18.00 and they were 2 for 25.00 or 3 for 30.00 so I got him 3 and I got 2 shirt on clearance for 3.00 a piece, I love a good bargain. Then we went to Anchor Blue and i got him a shirt for 8.00. Josh is stuck on shirts with funny sayings this year, the one i got him says Friends don't let friends talk to ugly girls...and he bought a playstatin controller and I got Eric his card for World of Warcraft, 30.00 for 2 months its not bad even though I think the game is lame. Then I went to Pennys and got Savannah a pair of jeans and 3 shirts and 2 other outfits ... I had a great time.

okay this is bag on men
just kidding, they really do try in there own little way. Tonight I worked, and he does awesome he really does but there is always like one thing forgotten, just the bad part is its usually in my case the most important one.....
Tonight he gave Savannah a bath, cleaned up the living room, helped Josh with his homework, the only thing he forgot is the thing i reminded him to do 50 times.....Tivo Dancing with the, i keep forgetting to do it myself so I guess I am just as much to blame...
Hope you are all having a good week.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Joshs new hobby....
I really had a great time tonight, Eric , me Savannah, my nephew Daniel and our friend Mark went to cheer on Josh and his friends Chris and Norbert in their very 1st race. It was called Induro, and there are no rules..smash into the other people, spin them out. The car they had they bought on their own for 50.00 and put it together basically, Yeah its a piece of crap but its their piece of crap. They put in everything from the engine to welding the roll bar in. They went to school today and asked for donations from everyone from the principal and teachers to other kids and got 87.00 for gas, and at the last minute one of Norberts grandpas friends donated a set of used tires but it was better then nothing. They have learned everything they know from Norberts grandpa who has his own shop so thats where they got all the tools. But anyway i am proud of the boys it was a 200 lap race and although they only made it 36 laps , they had a blast and thats what counts. They did come back out after fixing a few more things but only for 3 laps.
My mom was freaking out on me are you crazy what if something happens.
Ya know I really must say I didnt feel that which I usually do, But I borrowed a helmet a really good one from a guy that has raced for 13 years, they put in a roll bar, they had fire reatardent (whatever its called) suits on, seat belts worked great. I was at ease ...
Here are some pics.....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I had a real scary day today and freaked out just a little bit.....
Today we had a tornado, golf ball size hail, breaking peoples windows, strong winds, the kids were all locked down in school, Eric couldnt leave work, I am from Cali I can handle earthquakes but that was something I never experienced before and really scared me. And Josh calls me and says mom theres a tornado and we cant leave school, How cool.....Uuuummm no its not. lol
Hope everyones week is going good....

Monday, September 11, 2006

I am NOT a fan of Anna Nicole Smith, the girl doesnt have a brain in her head, or ats that way....There is NOTHING wrong in my opinion with girls that make a living stripping, doing porn, posing me there is nothing wrong with it, but you can do it with a little class and a little dignity and have a brain in your head...I have a good friend in Orange County that stripped for 4 years and put herself through college, but she has a brain, went to work did what she did and went home, she now has a 4 million dollar house in Newport Beach is married and has kids, but she never fell into the whole drug thing or was skanky doing what she did, I know alot of people will disagree and thats ok, everyone is entitled to their opinions.
I do feel sorry for this woman today though, they found her son dead at the hosiptal where she gave birth to her daughter. I guess they dont know why, they said drugs or alcohol was not related, so my heart does go out to her for this. Its sad.......

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Septmeber 11, 2001

Raise your flags high and be proud to be an American my friends...Take a moment of silence for the thousands that lost their lives and for their families....And don't ever Forget....

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I HATE THE DESERT...........
This is what I found in my laundry room today. Eric says they travel in pairs..GREAt...So where the hell is the other one...
At the other house it was centipedes, now scorpians.....Why me!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

I am giving up on Blogger....I have tried to post this same post for 2 days now, and it only posts half of it................ERK...
Its really starting to bug me, I am ready to join blogging buddy Vanessa on another

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I might be a H-O, but your a H-O-R

Me and Josh played a game of H-O-R-S-E last night, he beat me, but not by much he had HORS...I really enjoyed it .

Tonight he is mad at me however because the other night I told him that we were going out to dinner tonight, he called me after work and asked if he can go with his friends to work on a car, there are 4 of them and they are racing at the speedway on the 22nd, His friend Chris is driving and the rest of them shoot paint balls at the other cars and people, sounds like a blast, well when he got home at 7:45 he was mad because we didnt wait for him, it wasn't that long he said, I said Josh we left at 5:30, cause then me and Savannah went and got our hair cut and then we went to Walmart, so hes pissed now and went home with my mom for the night....I swear he is a girl sometimes, you'd think hes gonna start

Anyways, I am so excited about 1 present I will be getting Josh this year for Christmas...One of our drivers at work is going to New York in 2 weeks, his sons wish for the make a wish foundation is to meet the Yankees, so he gets to go watch them practice, go in the locker room with them, and gets his choice of box seats or 1st row, they cant let him sit in the dug out during the game due to liability reasons they said, anyhow I am gonna get a Yankees jersey this weekend and he is gonna take it and have the guys sign it , they told him bring what ever he wants them to sign, even if Jeter just signs it Josh will be stoked, my only problem waiting until Christmas to give it to him. I can never start shopping early cause I give them everything....

Well tomorrow is Friday...............TGIF

Have a good one

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Took some pics of Savannah last night...just playin around!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well I am feeling a little better today, all the achyness and tiredness is gone (I slept 11 hours last night) I think that helped, thank goodness, Savannah wanted me to hold her and I just didnt have the energy unless i was sitting down, my mommy came and took care of me for a bit, and I layed on her lap and she played with my hair....How old am I Yes I still love it especially when I am sick when my mom plays with my hair..Nobody takes care of you like mom...
Football is starting this week....I am a fan. Eric is gwetting that dumb thing though that they show every football game that is played, yeah I am not that big of a And he does a pool every year so Sundays are be quiet I usually end up spending most of the day doing things with the kids to give him a day of rest unless the Steelers or Broncos are playing.
Have a great week!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

I have been in bed for 2 days, yesterday Eric kept telling me I had a hangover, I kept telling him I dont I think I am getting sick...and Viola...My whole body just aches....
My weekend started off good, Oh well I ll be better soon.
Hope you all had a wonderful 3 day weekend, looking forward to all the pics and stories of how your weekend was....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Me and a couple friends went out last night, which was a complete turn around from the usual designated driver, Eric was our driver for the night. He dropped us off at Grahams we stayed only for an hour or so and then Eric acame and got us and took us to The Brew. It was a step back in time for me to see all those kids partying. And the biggest thing that shocked me was the music they were all listening to, Journey, Dead or Alive, Steve Miller.....I guess thats what they consider classic
I had fun...Heres a few pics.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I think my daughter is going to be a
This is a picture of her room tonight 4 hours after i picked it up and put them all away, she does not like for her toys to be organized or in the toy box.....The good thing is everynight she helps me put them away, no fussin, just the next dau it is like this again....

And she loves to lay on Joshs work out bench for some reason, if you can't find her thats where she is....

My son seems to be going through a growth spurt, Eric is 6'1" and Josh is gonna be taller then him, Jason was 6' even, but then theres my brother...he's 6'7" lets hope hes not that tall..

Tomorrow night my friend Amandas cousin will be in town so we are going to take her to the meat market from hell, Grahams Central Station, it has 4 different dance rooms all with different types of music, and although NONE of us that are going want to go there, she doesnt have a club from where she is from just little hole in the wall bars and only 2 at that...little ity bity town, so we are all gonna just go and make a night of it and have a fun girls night out...its been awhile I am looking forward to it.

Tonight me and Savannah went to see Cars at the dollar movies (well 2.50 now) but you still cant beat that. Cheap entertainment, she likes that movie, Eric will not however go with me cause he says its a gheto movie theatre and I am gheto cause i put snacks in my purse....just a little poll, how many people sneak snacks in and how many think its gheto?

And someone help me why cant i post a picture with the caption underneath then another picture with writing underneath, why does it put it up on the sides and everywhere else I dont want it.

Have a great weekend .... Long weekend at that.....WwwwwwwHhhhhhOoooooAaaaa