Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well I am feeling a little better today, all the achyness and tiredness is gone (I slept 11 hours last night) I think that helped, thank goodness, Savannah wanted me to hold her and I just didnt have the energy unless i was sitting down, my mommy came and took care of me for a bit, and I layed on her lap and she played with my hair....How old am I ...lol Yes I still love it especially when I am sick when my mom plays with my hair..Nobody takes care of you like mom...
Football is starting this week....I am a fan. Eric is gwetting that dumb thing though that they show every football game that is played, yeah I am not that big of a fan...lol And he does a pool every year so Sundays are be quiet day...lol I usually end up spending most of the day doing things with the kids to give him a day of rest unless the Steelers or Broncos are playing.
Have a great week!!


Blogger trisha said...

glad you're feeling better! how nice that your mom came and took care of you for a while! hey we could all use that once in a while, ya know...by the way...the thieves drilled out my passenger door lock, thats how they got in my van. :(

12:29 PM  
Blogger tony said...

glad to hear you are doing better.Imade it back okay

12:30 PM  

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