Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Tomorrow is my birthday.......yeah...
Not to excited this year, some things are going on at home that have put a damper on things, but I am going to try to enjoy my day anyway...
Hope your all having a greaT week.....hey, it's almost Friday!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

A boring but very relaxing and productive weekend....
I did lots of little stuff that needed to be done, worked in the yard, cut the trees back, puleed some weeds, washed the car and the van, cleaned the house, did some laundry.....layed out a little and got some sun.....(we all know i needed that) lol.
I barbequed....(i love it, food network all weekend has been about barbequing so I tried some new stuff...Me, my mom and Savannah went shopping today and I got some new tops for vacation and a new camera bag and some sandals....And me and Savannah spent the day outside playing and eating some watermelon....I love the outdoors..
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend....and I hope you have a short wonderful week...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Well it is son is a legal driver !!!!! Gosh I feel old.

This weekend I will be doing absolutly nothing!!! I am trying to save money for vacation ( 2 MORE WEEKS.......YEAH)
I will be just working in the yard and cleaning the car...Last weekend i took all the seats out of my van and cleaned them and scrubbed the carpet, so i am going to do the same to the car. We have decided to take the car to California because it has air conditioner, and the air is out in the van right now. So I am not looking forward to that drive in a car (gosh i love my van and its roomyness).
Josh is going tonight to watch the new Pirates movie, and then he is going tomorrow to Wet and Wild with his friends (it is Balloonfest, so they will have bands playing all day, they are going to see the band Saliva, Monday night is Flyleaf, I am not too big on that music so I dont want to go)...besides I am trying to cut the cord as Josh puts, and I am having a hard time but I am giving him his freedom and letting him do stuff without his mommy as long as he continues to do good in school.Since finding out about his ditching and bad grades he brought them all up, 2 are still d's but the other 3 are b's and c's, and I called the school every week and he never missed another day.
So I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial day weekend.....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yesterday was Savannah's 1st trip to the dentist.....
No cavities and hardly any plaque is what he said....she thought he was the greatest.....(little does she know the pain he can cause her)
Here are some pics

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Graduation Graphics

Last night was Savannahs graduation ceremony!!!!I loved it, the kids are so cute....Savannah spent part of the song with her fingers in her nose and stretching out her cheeks (there is a pic below), but they did great....

Monday, May 14, 2007

I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day, actually my whole weekend was great.... Lots of family time and with everyone doing different things in this house we dont get enough of that.
Josh wanted to go back to White Sands (he didnt want to go last week cause he thought it would be boring, but then he was like oh that looks like fun), and it was and i thought it would be even better with just us. Then Josh had a softball game, him and his friends play on a league. Then Sunday Josh made me breakfast....bacon and french toast....and besides all the grease on the bacon from putting straight on my plate out of the pan, it was really good. I soaked up all the grease when he wasnt watching. The kids got me a few gifts and Josh got me a card and wrote the sweetest stuff in it, i cried...he is not a mush pot like me at all, it was great. And then last night we all went out to dinner with my mom,her husband and my was lots of fun, they had jumping balloons, and sidewalk chalk everywhere for the kids and face painting...
I hope your day was great too.....
Here are some pics.

Tomorrow night Savannah is graduating up to the next class and all the kids are putting on a show....I can't wait!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007,Your one stop graphic spot

To all you moms out there.....
Have a wonderful day !!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am hoping that Jordin wins this years American Idol... But I think it will be close. I think the final will come down to Jordin and Melinda, but I have been wrong most of the year so......Who knows !!!
Who's your favorite ?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

How was everyones weekend.....
We ordered the fight (De La Hoya and Mayweather) Saturday night, I won 20.00....yippee!!!! My mom and her husband came over...
Sunday we went out to White Sands, ya I complain sooooo much about having nothing to do, but if I would just drive an hour I would have things to this I have lived here almost 6 years and have never been here....Like alot of places around here. are some pics!!

White Sands !!

Savannah sliding down the hill

Me and my friend Stacey

Eric covering Savannah with sand

Me and Eric

Stacey and her husband Matt

Ok they are all off again!!! Why can't I put the writing with the pics !!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Has anyone ever used Bare Minerals or know anyone that has? i am thinking about trying it and am having a hard time deciding.... It has a gurantee but just thought I would check if anyone has used it....