Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Graduation Graphics

Last night was Savannahs graduation ceremony!!!!I loved it, the kids are so cute....Savannah spent part of the song with her fingers in her nose and stretching out her cheeks (there is a pic below), but they did great....


Blogger diana said...

that's a hilarious video. savannah was really getting into the music/dance at the beginning. ;) she is too cute! many congratulations to savannah AND to you!

7:10 PM  
Blogger Heather/SHTEZQ said...

what a big girl she is now !!!! that was too cute and too funny give her a hug for us k. Miss ya love ya! heather

8:05 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

How cute! I loved the video. We dont any kind of graduation thing where I work until the kids are going into kindergarten. :(

6:40 AM  
Blogger Shionge said...

Whopee! Nice shots and she looked gorgeous Debby :D

Give her a hug for me ok!

8:48 AM  

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