Thursday, March 22, 2007

Savannah is doing good with school...its just gonna take some time to get used to, she says she wants to go to grandma's in the morning and cries a little but then she doesnt want to go home when Eric gets there to pick her up....I picked her up yesterday and me and Josh took her to the park....She is just like Josh and I we both have allergys real bad and by the time we got home yesterday her eyes were red and swollen and she just kept sneezing....Poor thing !!!
Here are some park pics !!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Today was Savannahs first day of school.........
She did GREAT!!!! She did have an accident in her pants (which NEVER happens) so I think she was a little scared or over whelmed, she didnt cry one time, not when we left or when it was time for nap...she did awesome. Let's see if tomorrow is the same. I took some pics but left my camera at work so I will post them later...
Hope everyone had a great weekend....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Well the Aggies won the championship.....YEAH
No zoo this weekend, Savannah is worse, she has such a bad cough now and every time shes sneezes a gob of ( ok won't get to into detail) She was supposed to start daycare today also, but she will start next week because of her cold.
I am so confused about day care.... I love my mom watching her I guess cause of the trust and comfort thing.... But she realy needs to hang out with kids, and they will teach her so much. She is so smart already but its time.... My mom is really bummed that she will not be watching her anymore. But she will have so much fun once she gets used to it.
I will take pics of her first day....
Hope you have a great week!!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Well the Aggies are going to the finals against Utah State for the WAC tournament...
We went to the semi finals tonight. I have this problem of feeling sorry for the other team....what a wuss I am. We played Boise tonight to see who goes to the finals, and although this guy for their team (whos dad coaches the Nuggets) kept fouling and then really pushed this guy down on purpose, everytime the ball was thrown to him everyone would BOO, it was kinda sad ... poor guy, it was so loud, you had to realy scream to talk to the person next to you. utah one Nevada who was in 1st place so that was a good thing too... I'll take my camera tomorrow I forgot it tonight. Savannah stayed at my moms cause she still has fever , this is 4 days straight now, she got her shots Monday, and Icalled Wed. cause her fever was getting so high and nothing would bring it down it was 103 all Wed, so they said bring her back in and they said she has an ear infection too....So I am hoping she can go with us tomorrow.

Sunday Eric and Josh are going to the movies, and it has been sooooooooo nice the last few days, ( high 70's low 80's) so I think me and Savannah will spend the day together and go to the zoo.. We'll see !!!
Hope your having a good weekend.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol update .....
GOODBYE Antenella or what ever your name is
She had no talent and I didnt think she was all that pretty, I am not sure why she was still there....but C YA
Sabrina, I thought she had a great voice (big mistake) ....better then Haley...I thought Haley was going home.
Sundance, dude so sorry.... I didn't think he did as good as he could have since he got on, i thought he rocked the audition though so I know he can sing.....At least he should it a little, Sanjaya on the other hand.......what's the obsession there ?????? That one confuses me, he sucks as bad as the porn queen girl....( by the way did you hear) she already accepted a contract with girls gone wild for 250,000.00 ( again...she aint all that) and the last guy that went home.....What is your name? ( that was mean ... sorry , but really what was his name?
This has to be by far the boringiest year so far ( I missed the 1st season though)
Whats your thoughts ??

Well the WAC tournament is here in Las Cruces.... (basketball for all you non sports fans) I am not a huge basketball fan, but NMSU got a new coach this year Reggie Theus, and we are in 2nd place.... It is great all the fans in this city, all the signs up at the stores and thats all you hear everywhere you go.... The traffic oh my goodness....It is so bad on University , but to see all the team spirit is aweome...We have the 8 top teams here in NM competing we have tickets to tomorrows semi finals and to Saturdays finals.....


Have a great weekend !!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

All I did tonight was watch tonight had to be the boringiest American Idol I have ever seen...and House was probably one of the best I have seen....I love to hate Dr. House, and tonight was no diefferent, but Dave Matthews was on there, and I think he's great too. And before that I brought home Peter Pan and watched it with Savannah....we had been waiting for it....
Hope you all had a great night.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sometimes I love to spend time by myself and other times I do not. When I want time to myself it never happens and a day like today where I want the company never seems to happen anymore either. Josh and Eric were on the computer all weekend..........I am so ready to throw the computers in the trash. Eric went to work Sat., came home 12 ish, took Savannah to Mc Donalds with his friend and his daughter and has been on the computer ever since. I took Savannah to the movies yesterday, today we just hung out around the house and then went to the mall....I shopped my blues I bought Josh like 8 shirts, and I am dying to buy him some of those plaid shorts, I love them, he won't wear them. I bought him 2 shirts from Hollister, he doesnt like them, I bought him 6 shirts from Aeropostle, he wants 3 of them...he is so jeans, jean shorts and plain tshirts....he has no scence of style at all, it bums me out cause neither does Eric, same ol', same ol' anyway, i found some great deals on some stuff for my friend Donnas daughter she is going to have a baby in a couple months.... and then we came home, to them still on the computer......AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW its driving me up the wall.... Me and Savannah went out to eat cause noone wanted to go, but then they had the nerve to text me and ask me to bring them food home......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... i brought them our leftovers... Sometimes I desire a little more then a 3 year olds company all day (all though I love doing stuff with her, don't get me wrong)...