Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol update .....
GOODBYE Antenella or what ever your name is
She had no talent and I didnt think she was all that pretty, I am not sure why she was still there....but C YA
Sabrina, I thought she had a great voice (big mistake) ....better then Haley...I thought Haley was going home.
Sundance, dude so sorry.... I didn't think he did as good as he could have since he got on, i thought he rocked the audition though so I know he can sing.....At least he should it a little, Sanjaya on the other hand.......what's the obsession there ?????? That one confuses me, he sucks as bad as the porn queen girl....( by the way did you hear) she already accepted a contract with girls gone wild for 250,000.00 ( again...she aint all that) and the last guy that went home.....What is your name? ( that was mean ... sorry , but really what was his name?
This has to be by far the boringiest year so far ( I missed the 1st season though)
Whats your thoughts ??

Well the WAC tournament is here in Las Cruces.... (basketball for all you non sports fans) I am not a huge basketball fan, but NMSU got a new coach this year Reggie Theus, and we are in 2nd place.... It is great all the fans in this city, all the signs up at the stores and thats all you hear everywhere you go.... The traffic oh my goodness....It is so bad on University , but to see all the team spirit is aweome...We have the 8 top teams here in NM competing we have tickets to tomorrows semi finals and to Saturdays finals.....


Have a great weekend !!!!


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