Monday, March 02, 2009

In Albuquerque they were digging to put in a new subdivision. In the last week or two they have found 13 bodies of girls. In the paper today it had an add on how these families were never helped, some turned away from the police stations and news stations because of some of the things the missing girls had done. All of them were into drugs and all of them were into prostitution. It doesnt matter....Now that they are finding all these bodies they are posting pictures and stories about them. These girls were still human beings, still had families, still were parents. Yeah they lived lifestyles that i could never imagine for myself and certainly could never imagine anyone in my family or even my daughter living, but ya know some times things dont always go our way, sometimes people get into doing things they had never intended on getting into....I will say it again these girls are human beings and their families got no help because they were not blonde haired, blue eyed, straight A students. There is only one that can judge us....and it's not you...or you....or you.
My heart goes out to these families.


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