Friday, March 09, 2007

Well the Aggies are going to the finals against Utah State for the WAC tournament...
We went to the semi finals tonight. I have this problem of feeling sorry for the other team....what a wuss I am. We played Boise tonight to see who goes to the finals, and although this guy for their team (whos dad coaches the Nuggets) kept fouling and then really pushed this guy down on purpose, everytime the ball was thrown to him everyone would BOO, it was kinda sad ... poor guy, it was so loud, you had to realy scream to talk to the person next to you. utah one Nevada who was in 1st place so that was a good thing too... I'll take my camera tomorrow I forgot it tonight. Savannah stayed at my moms cause she still has fever , this is 4 days straight now, she got her shots Monday, and Icalled Wed. cause her fever was getting so high and nothing would bring it down it was 103 all Wed, so they said bring her back in and they said she has an ear infection too....So I am hoping she can go with us tomorrow.

Sunday Eric and Josh are going to the movies, and it has been sooooooooo nice the last few days, ( high 70's low 80's) so I think me and Savannah will spend the day together and go to the zoo.. We'll see !!!
Hope your having a good weekend.


Blogger Shionge said...

Thank you for the update and you have a good weekend too.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I love going to the zoo! I wish we had some out door weather. The weather has been all crazy here. We had a freak snow storm and then five days later it was beautiful with sun and about 65 degrees. And then its been raining ever since. :( (and all the quick changes have given me a cold - that or all the booger noses Im around all day!)

12:12 PM  
Blogger diana said...

hope savannah feels better. it's going around. ;) enjoy your weather the zoo! it's 40 deg if we're lucky!

7:33 PM  
Anonymous vanessa said...

hey there, it has been a while! I'm still trying to get settled. I love the move but I want our stuff to get here already. I love this time of year in NM. Its kinda cold in the mornings but it warms up fast and doesnt get to hot YET!
I hope savannah feels better.

4:31 AM  

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