Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

I have this bad thing about me that when I am making something for someone I don't want people to help me because I want it done MY way...Is that bad ?
So yesterday was my mom's birthday, and Monday I started baking her a cake, as they were cooling Josh says I want to decorate it first instinct is NO I am doing it, but I thought OK let him do it, my
mom will love it if he decorated it no matter what it looks like. So he cut a whole in the top cake and made a heart out of strawberries and filled in the rest with frosting...a little too much frosting, but I think it came out cute...
So I made my mom dinner and we had some cake and opened presents...I hope she had a good day.

Love you mom....
oops and I made a mistake but hey it made her younger, i bought candles that said 63.............she's 64 !!!
Here are some pics.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Monday, April 21, 2008

Joshua is having a real hard time in school....not cause he's not smart, just cause he is so lazy. He will be 17 in a few months, and I am to the point now where I am trying to let him make his own decisions, and learn from them. Josh is a lot bigger then me and I can not physically make him go to school and even when he does go I can't make him do his work. He's always playing the sick roll, and even when he is at school, I think for what, he doesn't do his work, he doesn't do his home work, and he disrupts the class. Josh now wants to take his GED, part of me feels if he can't even get through school, what can he do.The other part of me thinks, getting his GED would be better if he decides to go to college later then having years of F's and lousy attendance. He wants to join the military, which also scares me, on one hand I think it will do him some good, teach him some responsibility and a little bit of respect, but on the other hand, what if they sent him over seas, that would make me a basket case, if anything happened to my son I would lose it. I don't want him to grow up before its time, I want him to get back into sports and go to Prom, and do kid things. Is this a choice I leave up to him..... he is almost an adult..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yesterday was my weigh in and measure day at curves.....I only lost 9 pounds so i wasn't too happy with that. But my % of body fat dropped9.25% and i lost a total of 17 inches (adding up everything, waist, legs, arms,etc...) So I am semi happy with that. I have 4 more weeks til we set sail on our cruise....( I am so excited) I want to drop 15 pounds by then....Days like yesterday don't help though, i ate chocolate cake for lunch...oops ( I just can't say No to chocolate sometimes )....

Monday, April 07, 2008

While outside this weekend washing the cars, Savannah decided out house needed a new look, so she and daddy decorated the walk way bricks leading up to the house.....Hope you all had a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Here is a the email I received today from one of the big wigs.....

Do you know who this is? I have just selected a few of you from the JU Building to participate so please don’t let anyone else know.

(the picture is of Carrie Underwood, who is coming to town May 3rd)

Since my mom is a famous musician she has the privilege and honor of receiving free tickets when big acts and other performances come to the area. “I Know You Won’t” believe this but I didn’t even know who she was till I looked her up. Since none of us were interested, my mother thought someone from my offices may enjoy the VIP seating. Well, I didn’t know how to give these up equitably, so here goes… The first to call me at 2:10 pm and correctly identify this performer will receive the prize. To be fair to all early birds will be disqualified.


Ext. 3549

So there were 6 of us chosen to call him, not thinking anything of it, we are all calling like fools.He then comes around with envelopes and says Congratulations, my eyes lit up, i was so excited, I open it and it says....April Fools...

We were all livid! I HAVE BEEN HAD......

Did anyone else get pranked?