Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Winter is here...Tonight is the first freeze of the year. It will drop down to about 20 degrees, and while i was driving home from my moms (who lives about 10 miles closer to the mountain) it started snowing, of course it's not cold enough to stay, it was only 5:30, but i bet by morning our ground will be white,.
I have a friend Stacey that is feeling a little blue lately....I dont' think she knows I blog or anything about it, but I am going to send her my link and hopefully she will start blogging,. I think it might make her feel a little better..I know that when I am feeling a little down or sometimes overwhelmed or just happy and want to share it with someone you guys are always there and make me feel better or are there to share in my happiness,. Some of you i know personally and some of you I have learned to know a little about through blogging,. but to all of you I would like to say thanks for listening when I need a friend and most of all thanks for letting me know that we all have troubles and sharing your experiences with me to help me get through things I may be going through and sharing your good times with me too,.,.,..
Hope you are all having a great week!!
Stacey..,.love ya and hope you start blogging with us!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

my computer has been acting up lately and i cant see alot of the pics that i post or other people post..i cant tell if the pictures i posted of Savannah going to see Santa came up or if i am double posting them sorry!!!

Took the kids out for a little fun, my son is 15 but still enjoys things like Chuck E Cheese, he's such a i'll keep him young and fun as long as i can, it's better then him being out in the streets or something..
Heres some pics:

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I forgot to post the pictures from when I took Savannah to go see Santa , it was great we had to make a ouple trips because the 1st time she went to see him she didnt want to be close to him, he had to get up from the chair so she could sit init an d then he stood next to her, then we left and did a little shiopping and came back, by then she was doing a little better and she would sit next to him in the chair but would not sit on his lap....maybe next year!
Here are the pics!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have been so busy this last week, I have been working my butt off and then when i am home I have been fixing up the house on my days off, the yard, painting.,...i love doing that stuff but not on my only days, 1 more month and I get to quit my second job....YEAH, last year I stayed on until after the new year, i think almost Feb. even , no way not this year the week before Christmas....see ya. Erics mom and dad are coming out for Christmas and New Years this year...i cant wait.
Well I'll try to catch up on all your blogs soon....Hope your having a great week!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eric would LOVE for Josh to be a Cowboy fan....but thank goodness my son has a mind of his own and can not be brain washed....Savannah on the other hand, my poor baby was brain washed from the get go, cowboy bibs, bottles, onsies, and on & on, then you have me that wants Eric to have his little fan with him, so I buy her more I bought Eric a new stocking and X-mas hat for this year, and now he wants me to get Savannah one, she got a cute little one with a teddy bear on it last year.....I swear shes gonna be a football player in school instead of a
I forgot to post pics from the renaissance fair that me, Savannah and a couple friends went to this weekend,...I had a good tme and it was a Beautiful day, it was close to 80 degrees if not in the low 80's,....Here are some pics....

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Eric.......I love you baby !!
Tonight we took Eric out to his favorite Chinese restaraunt for his b-day...We all had a good time. It was us and the kids, my mom and her husband and my nephew Daniel...Heres a few pics...

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

This Saturday Eric had a few people over to celebrate his b-day...Him and some friends went to the bar for a couple hours then came back here for awhile, he had a good are a few pics...

After looking at these pics i am thinking dang i really need to paint the walls in the

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

1st off......I had a blast on Halloween....Savannah was a little unsure at 1st but jumped right into it after a few houses...She did not like people putting candles in their pumpkins she kept telling people their pumpkins were on fire, she got so emotional a couple of times 3 people put them out for her.....Shes crazy.. She wanted nothing to do with the strobe lights or the scary stuff....dont blame her. I think she had the most fun when we got home and sh got to hand out the candy, she loved looking at everyones costumes.....


2nd....For those of you that read Maryland Mommys blog, Baby Mya is home...she said her flight got in yesterday.....They have been waiting for sooooooo long....And now like she says their family is complete....I am so happy for her....Go by and welcome Mya to their family!!