Monday, February 04, 2008

Well after checking in to several diffent things for Savannah to join...such as baseball and soccer etc...etc... (all those she has to be 5 to play, soccer she can join in the fall so we might put her in that then (Eric wants her to play soccer and although I despise the game I am sure I will enjoy just because she is playing)...anyway I decided on dance class...She will start this Saturday, and I can't wait she loves to dance around the house so I think this will be perfect. She will alternate one week ballet one week tap. I will take lots of pics to post next week.
I also took her down this weekend and had her hair cut, Eric doesnt like it but oh well, I told them to cut what they had to to get rid of the split ends and they cut a good 5 inches'll grow back.

This weekend was so windy, yesterday I got up to go to the store and was in for a surprise when I saw Joshs basketball thing had fallen over on my van good thing the window didn't break it came close to it, I just have a big dent from the pole now....Wonderful!!!

Well hope you all had a great weekend, anyone go to any good superbowl parties...This is the first year in 4 or 5 years that we didn't have a party, Eric was still upset that the Cowboys lost....CRY BABY !!! SO i just cooked for us and we stayed home...I thought the halftime show was real good. And even though I lost 20.00 I am glad the Giants won...

Well have a good week!


Blogger tony said...

I can't wait to see pics of her dancing,sorry about uor 20 bucks LOL

10:28 PM  
Blogger diana said...

i want to see savannah's new haircut! you gotta post a pic!!!!! ;)

11:06 AM  

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