Thursday, December 06, 2007

You'll be missed John Carter!!!
Tonight we went to the memorial service of one of Eric's friends Big John...
I didnt know him to well, he use to come to the house to hang out with Eric and them when Eric worked GM receiving at Walmart. Although everyone else has since moved on to another job he still worked there nights and I would see him and say Hi. I talked to him about a month ago and he was so excited cause he finaly bought a Harley, something he had dreamed of for along time. He was a good guy and he will be missed. He will be taken tonight to Kansas to be buried with his mom. Ya know he was only
33, i know he was on alot of medication, don't know what for, but he passed away from a stroke. It makes you stop and think, Life is too short, live it to the fullest everyday and show the ones you love how much you love them.

Tomorrow night Eric and I are going to the City's Christmas party. I will post some pics over the weekend.
I have been off work for 2 days now and i will be off tomorrow, at home with Savannah cause she has pink eye in both her poor bby. She freaked out the first morning she woke up and couldnt open her eyes. She is looking much better though.


Blogger diana said...

pink eye is a real bummer. hope savannah feels better!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

pink eye is so not fun! (I got this past summer - dang kids with all their germs)

8:45 PM  

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