Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Christmas is my favorite day of the whole year. I love to celebrate it, i love to shop, i love to decorate....I love everything about it.....
This year however I am a big GRUMPBALL, 1st off my family gets together every year, usually we have to go to California along with my mom, but for 2 years now we have planned on everyone coming out here this Christmas. My sister has backed out and said her and her family can not make it, which her son Daniel is out here so that not only made me upset but my nephew Daniel as well. The my brother tells me yesterday that he and his wife are coming out this Sat. but are leaving Christmas morning so they can get back to Cali. My nieces however can not come out until Christmas day and they are staying the 26th and the 27th, so my Christmas calendar this year is Christmas at my mom's on the 24th with my brother and sister in law, Christmas at my house the 25th for us, and then Christmas at my mom's the 26th with my nieces. And i dont get to see my sister and her kids at all......I think that sucks....my mom says just be happy we get to see them...BAH

Then I have been postponing going to Texas to Toys R Us to get Savannah her Princess talking magical nursery...I went online today and they have non available. So I went online to look at Target and they have something similar so I got it,not thinking delivery time and shipment time are 2 different things, so it is coming on Jan. 3rd, i went back and cancelled it, so tonight at 10:00 after I get off work I have to drive to El Paso to go pick up the only one they have left, cause she said she would only hold it til midnight tonight when they close.
And on top of that....I am PMSing......
That's the whole reason I am having a grumpy Christmas...I am on my way to Walmart right after work to get some Midol....LOL
Have a great week !!!!


Blogger diana said...

you are so funny! your grumpiness made me chuckle. that is a hilarous post. ;)

7:22 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Its been a rough holiday season for everyone Ive talked to! It just hasnt felt like Christmas this year! (P.S. I'm having a white christmas!)

1:57 PM  

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