Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well fall is FINALLY here....
The last few days have still been in the low 80's but the nights are dropping down to the 40's and 50's....I am very much a summer girl and i love the warm weather, but this year I have to say I couldn't wait for fall. Savannah is not happy though,she loves to wear dresses and the last few mornings even with putting tights or leggings under her dress she is still cold. I bought her a new jacket and a sweater over the weekend because this winter is supposed to be a cold one.

The other thing is I am so ready to cut her hair, she is so tender headed and hates for anyone to brush her hair, and i refuse to take her out in public with me looking like an orphan, yesterday i took her into the salon and she was fine until she sat in the chair and she freaked out...she was also tired she didnt take a nap so that maybe some of the problem, i am going to take her again this weekend and see what happens, im tired of the fight every day. Eric will not be happy but he doesnt have to brush her hair everyday...I do!!! I'll post some pics if I get her to
Have a great day!!!


Blogger diana said...

i'm so impressed that you were able to potty train savannah by 2 yrs old!!! wow!!! i'll take that over a tender head any day. S & L didn't like getting their hair brushed either, but just the persistence of doing it every day got them used to it. it would be pretty cool to see her new hairdo from the salon!!!

6:59 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

It seems that fall just jumped into full force this year! I cant wait to see what the winter is going to bring us. Its suppose to be worse this year. (and despite what joe says I think we WILL get hit harder now that we live closer to the water!)

9:59 AM  

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