Monday, May 01, 2006

well my weekend was not too bad, was at the baseball field most of it. And this weekend we are going to Texas for a tournament, so that is what this weekend will consist of too.
Sunday I took my mom out for lunch and a little shopping for her b-day. i tried to change some stuff on my blof this weekend, yeah didnt work....i just dont have the time to sit down and play with it, myspace is so easy and its not so time consuming...
Savannah can sing twinkle twinkle little star now, she is so funny cause I have never met a child that doesnt like to be sung to or read to, she hates it, if you sing to her she will throw a fit, and i can never get passed the first 2 pages in a book and she leaves or will start skipping pages. The other night we were eating dinner and she starts singing crinkle crinkle star, how you are....i grabbed my video camera it was so cute, so even though she hates it I guess shes still learning from
Well hope you all had great weekends and enjoy your week....
Looking forward to AI tomorrow, does anyone know what they are sionging this week.
I will be so more then happy to watch it this week, cause Kelly is gone...........thank god


Blogger Heather/SHTEZQ said...

if you want i can help you play with your blog lewt me know and i will send you a link for a trillion backgrounds you choose andi will put it on for you k

2:11 PM  

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