Sunday, April 09, 2006

I had a fun weekend....
Yesterday morning we got up and took Josh to the baseball park cause he had a game at 12:00(he was in a tournament this weekend), and then we headed to thing the city put on Sea Turtle Splash, it was at the indoor pool here in town..They had huge jumping balloons and this warm that the kids crawled through, they had face painting and was coloring their hair , they had a underwater egg hunt (1/2 they had sink to the bottom for the older kids and the rest floated on the top for the smaller kids), she had a blast.....UNTIL it was time to get out... Its kinda like going home after you take them to McDonalds or somewhere to eat and play (unless its just my kids) she freaks out, throwing her self everywhere and screaming....I have no idea where she gets that attitude from.....LOL Then we went home for a nap, A much deserved one. Eric went to Joshs game, but they lost. Savannah woke up and we went to the park to fly a kite that we got from the egg hunt earlier, we were all excited she did everything but look or play at the kite, she wanted nothing to do with it. Then today we played another baseball game but they lossed again, so we are out of the tournament....which stinks cause we really have a great team. So Iam spending the rest of the day cleaning my house. And I may go to Village Inn to get a pie...I have a sweet tooth. But then I feel bad cause I havent done much to help my diet this last week... Ok so i'll start again tomorrow...
Me and Savvanah even got some sun this weekend, we dont look like ghosts so much...
Well hope your weekend was great. Oh I almost forgot I had tons of pics to post but I can not find my camera, and I am afraid I left it at the pool.....Eric is not happy with me..OOPS


Blogger trisha said...

OH NO- hope you find your camera.....thats important!!!

sounds like a fun weekend too!

sorry that Josh's team lost. :(
they'll have more games, that's what I tell myself anyways.
more games = more wins !!!

yeah-we're done with spring break now and we all go back to work and school in the morning..... another :(

10:17 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Think positive. Its not lost - just misplaced. You'll find it any day now. Maybe a good person your camera and turned it into the lost and found at the pool. It couldn't hurt to check it out!

12:33 AM  

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