Thursday, March 30, 2006

I have been on a diet now for 6 weeks, I have lost 17 pounds....the last week I have not been doing very good on it and last night I had the sweet tooth from hell, I went to the store and bought a cheesecake, I brought it home and sliced a piece for me and Josh, then I went to put it in the fridge and SPLAT...... right on the floor it went....Now is this the ultimate sign or what, so as of today I am back on my diet, I hope to lose another 40 pounds by June, when we go to Cali for vacation, so I can go to the beach and not embarress my kids or my self....

I took Savannah to get her hair cut yesterday....I will post pics later, but I had it all chopped off, she hates for us to brush it, she will pull out barretts or if I put a ponytail, whatever it is she will rip it out, and I am tired of it looking like a birds nest.... Eric wasn't too happy but ya know he'll get over it.

If you have some free time head on over to Heathers blog, she is not having all that great of a day and right before there vacation (which is stressfull its self getting everyone ready), I think she could use some positive words from us right now.....We love ya Heather.


Blogger Michelle said...

ok what kind of diet are you doing! i could use some help!

11:21 AM  

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