Friday, July 27, 2007

Well it's Friday....we made it through another week.
It is that time of the year again....The Madden Tournament !! WHOAA lol
They have a tournament every year when the new Madden Football game comes out, and the winner gets the new game. So it is down to business (yeah right) at my house, practice, practice, practice.... I was looking at Josh yesterday and he says I know, I know, I am playing too much....I just smiled at him and said your fine..I am just happy he is home. I just kept staring at the kids yesterday thinking I am so lucky to have healthy happy kids...(I guess I was in a mushy mood Yesterday when I got home he had put all his clothes away from when he was gone, and did up the few dishes that was in the sink. I was kinda shocked...
Tonight is the night the boys have been looking forward to for awhile....The Simpsons Movie...(Big deal...thats what I think) I will probably just go for something to do, but I am not that fond of them I can take them or leave them, it doesnt matter to me.
I am looking forward to the weekend, we might go out to the lake with my nephew and his friend and my mom and Ray, havent decided yet..But I'll take pics if we go.
And for the 3rd weekend in a row I say I am going to finish Savannahs dresser, sanding it and painting it. And hopefully finish the bathroom in my room. I have been so lazy. Erics mom and dad are coming in 2 weeks for a visit, and his mom might be staying with us for a little bit, well see....
Well have a great weekend !!!!


Blogger diana said...

i go to the movies for popcorn. ;) glad to hear that things are going well with josh's return. you're a hard working mom. weekends are for relaxing!!!

7:54 PM  

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