Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well becuase SOMEONE in our house can not control their potty mouth, my daughter has a new saying, that I am hoping is just a phase.....F*** a duck, and that person in the house would be me....
I am so ashamed.....
The 1st time she said it Eric laughed uncontrollably therefore she keeps saying it over and over again... I can't blame him for laughing though, I am the one that said it.
Did anyone check out that new American Idol wanna-be One I think it is called last night, I'll probably end up watching it just cause there is nothing else on anymore. One of the contestants Austin, ( a little weird looking ) but I thought he was pretty great.

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Weekend is almost here !!! Yippee


Blogger diana said...

that's a funny story. at least you're honest. ;-)

8:00 PM  
Blogger trisha said...

kids do say the darndest things and with that comes many 'bad' words.... that is so cool that Josh made it to the finals, when are his games in Chino gonna be?

8:57 PM  

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