Saturday, July 01, 2006

Those are words that I never thought I would say...Eric and Josh have entered a Madden tournament for Playstation. The winner gets Madden Football 2007. I don't care which one of you wins but one of you better Not because I will be out 10.00 if they lose, but because if they win it will save me 50.00 or 60.00, cause I know the day it comes out my little feigns will be standing in line the day it comes out. What a tight wad I am. lol

Well this week has been a rough week but I think I am ok.... I have had a lot on my mind, work was kind of stressful this week and for some funky reason and I am sure noone wants to know this but oh I was on my cycle this month for 11 days.. Hello -- I called the dr. and she was not in so the nurse covering for her said oh if your still on it next week go ahead and call us... Yeah if I havent bled to death by then.oooohhhhhhh Sorry!!!

We dont have Monday off for the 4th we have Tuesday which urks me cause I would rather have a 3 day weekend but I still get the day off.
This weekend we are tearing down the little awning type thing in the back yard, everytime the wind kicks up another board comes down or breaks so I am just gonna rip the whole thing out, I'll get some of my aggresion out knocking them down...Yeah

Fireworks are a huge thing out here, but this year because it is so dry and we havent had any rain they have banned all ariels, so we have alot of unhappy campers around here complaining. Last year they made a new law after midnight that is it, cause people were just lighting them ALL night long. I think we are going to have a little get together, BBQ and let the kids play in the water and light fireworks, we'll see. Whatever you do have a great time and be safe.....
Have a great weekend.


Blogger trisha said...

yea- we don't know what we're doing yet either---i haven't even started to unpack yet. hope you have a better week girl~

8:31 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

don't you just love those home projects to work out your aggressions! My house is always so CLEAN when somethings going on!

12:16 PM  

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