Saturday, February 25, 2006

ARE MOMS ALOUD TO HAVE BAD DAYS?????????? I keep asking myself this today... I am not having a good day and it all started yesterday, My friend Art and his wife found out that their 12 year old son has luekemia. I just don't get it, why does this happen, and why to children? So I am kinda blue and noone will leave me alone. Why can't we just have a day to ourselves once in awhile. I woke up at 9:00 this morning and Eric is like you wasted the whole day blah...blah...blah.. Then Josh says at 10:30 will I take him to this card shop that he plays duel masters at? I said yes then I got on the computer, mom will you take me now? I said you said at 10:30 I just got online. So of course I turn it off and take him. Then I get home and he calls and says I forgot my money, so there I go back to take him his money. Then I get home and Eric is on the computer, ya know this doesnt usually bother me but I wanted to post last night and he was on the computer from 5:00 last night til 1:30 am. So why is it I can't have a 1/2 hour on the computer? So then I go lay in the room and start watching Trading Spaces, until Savannah comes in, i want Charlie and Lola, so I go put it on in the living room, and go back to the room, then she comes back in cause she wants to watch it on my tv. Ya know I can understand my daughter needed me through the day she's 2, but Eric and Josh are big boys now so they should be able to get themselves something to eat and drink. So I am sitting there watching toons with Savannah and Eric comes in and says whats for breakfast, well lets see you can make yourself some bacon and eggs, or you can make yourself some cereal. Then he says what the f*** is wrong with you. Do I need to go over it all again, I told him last night what was bothering me. Then I had a real eye opener last night, Josh is in a Quinceria (i can't spell) its when the girl turns 15, and she has a huge party with the girls wearing the same dresses and the boys wearing tuxs, they have a service at the church and then a reception and dance after, well he is the escort of the girl that is turning 15, and last night was the practice at the church so I didnt know how long it would take and I asked if he wanted me to drop him off and he could call me or if he wanted me to sit in the church and wait. He says no go home and ill call you, i said ok, and i went to get out of the van so i could go in with him and see if they knew how long it would be, and he says no mom I don't want you to go in with me.......HELLO, is my son embasrressed of me, I know I am not skinny anymore and I had just gotten off of work and wasnt looking my best, anyway is this a kid thing, I was trying to remember if i was embarressed of my mom when i was a teenager, and I don't think I was but I asked my mom this morning and she said I hurt her feelings one time at the mall cause she went to hold my hand and i moved away from her like eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww. So maybe I shouldn't take it personally but I take everything personally. So he got mad and went to the room because I am blue today and want to be left alone for awhile. Can they not function without us. I was coming back from taking Josh this morning and thought I just want to go for a drive and not come back for a few hours. But I have to go back and get Josh and take him home to get ready and then take him to the place where they are taking pics then take him to the church, have to go grocery shopping and go pay 2 bills, have to put Savannah down for her nap soon and I wanted to work in the yard a little today, and I think Erics friend is having a barbeque today and we said we would go, so I think my alone time will never be. So this is my venting time and it is helping to get it off my chest. Moms have a great day, and go take abath or something or go to the room for a 1/2 hour today, give yourself a little you time cause we all definitly need it now and then. If you have made it this far through all my bitching I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Ill be checking out your blogs a little later.......Ya know since I started using my computer at home to blog instead of the one at work, i can't download my pics, but the whole thing is different then the one at work, I just need to take a little time to figure it out.


Blogger MarylandMommy said...

Hope things get better.....(((HUGS)))

3:22 AM  
Blogger grody jo-dee said...

ohh...i was having a day like that yesterday. i try to follow those kind of days with a "sanity" day where i only do things i enjoy. no laundry, errands, etc.

oh, and i can tell you the not coming in thing was not probably personal. i remember wanting my mom to drop me off on the other side of the mall so no one would see. the funny thing is, none of us could drive, so who were we fooling?! ALL of parents had to take us everywhere! :) i guess you're overly sensitive as a teen. LOL

1:07 PM  

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